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Fencing Huntington Beach is a fencing company servicing the Huntington Beach, CA area.

We’re passionate about fence installation and fence repair for anyone who has a yard, business, commercial space, or anywhere else that needs fencing, gates, or repair.

Our team will help you to find the ideal fence for your property. With years of experience as a fencing company, we know how to install everything, from chainlink to vinyl, and we can repair your existing fence too.

If you’re tired of fences that fall down after being installed, want to protect your property with a fence that will actually hold up, or want to add some beauty to your home, our team can find you the best fence for your needs and expertly install it.

So what are you waiting for?

If you found yourself searching for a fence company that specializes in fence installation, then you’re in the right place.

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Benefits Of Fencing For Your Home Or Business

A fence offers a lot of benefits and possibilities. It brings both security and beauty.

When you build a fence around your property, you are adding security and privacy. Fences can both keep people and animals out, while also keeping them in. A higher fence will protect against people wandering onto your property and give an extra level of security, limiting theft and property damage. It can also keep animals, such as dogs, from leaving your yard, protecting them from any possible accidents.

Residential fencing and commercial fencing also offers you more privacy. If you find that you are in a high-traffic area, a fence can stop people from looking in and seeing what you are doing. This will help you to relax at home, or conduct your business away from prying eyes.

When your yard or space is left open, it can also have an exposed look or look like something is missing. With a fence, you can complete your property and add some beauty to it. Perhaps you own an ugly building and want to surround it with something beautiful? We can do that for you.

No matter your fencing needs, we are the fence company that can get it done.

Our Services

Chain Link Fence

Chainlink fence is perfect if you want to leave your yard with a more open feel, or let people see the building or business within. It is a cheap and easy fence to install and offers a lot of durability and strength.

You can go two ways with a chainlink fence. You can leave it as it is to provide that open look, letting the sunlight penetrate through, and giving a lighter feel to your yard, or you can add strips of plastic to close it off and give more privacy.

It is also a popular choice for gardens, where you can shape vines and plats to grow through the chainlink, supporting and shaping them.

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fence is a great fence if you want something beautiful with low maintenance. There are so many options with vinyl, that you will be spoiled for choice.

With many finishes, including some that mimic real wood, you can surround your yard with a fence that is beautiful and matches any structures that you already have. Vinyl can be custom molded if you cannot find an existing fence that you like, and it can come in a multitude of colors.

Once it is installed, it will last. Vinyl is extremely durable and waterproof. If you live in a humid climate or want to have your fence installed and then forget about it, then vinyl is the way to go.

Privacy Fence

A privacy fence is perfect if you want a little time to yourself in your yard. It could be that there are lots of people walking past on the street or you have neighbors that are constantly in their yard. It does not matter the reason, you deserve some privacy, and we are the fence company that can help.

It works for noise too. If you live on a busy road, a privacy fence will take away the sight of the cars and trucks, and also lessen the noise.

If you have pets, a privacy fence is ideal due to the height of it. You can protect your precious pets, and keep them safe in your yard. The benefits of a privacy fence are endless.

Wood Fence

Wood fences can add a lot of beauty to your yard. The possibilities with a wood fence are endless, and we can help to match the fence to your existing wood, down to the type, shape, and color.

Wood fences are environmental, easy to install, and can be finished and refinished. If you spend some time with the fence and do not like it, a wood fence is easy to modify once it is in place. If you repaint your home next summer, you can paint the fence to match too.

Wood is very cost-effective, and you get a lot of beauty for your money. The best part is that it blends in seamlessly to almost any yard.

Fence Repair

Do you have an old fence in your yard around your property? Have you had a fence installed by a shoddy fence company? Do you just need to spruce up and existing fence?

We are the answer to all of your problems. A broken or damaged fence can look unsightly, but it can pose a security risk too. Holes and gaps can let in people and animals or can let your pets roam free. Small problems can turn to large problems, and foundation problems should be fixed sooner rather than later.

If you have any problems, or even if you want to talk to someone about potential problems, give us a call today and we will help.


A fence around your property is great, but you need to be able to get in and out.

With fences, you are looking for beauty and security. You should have the same with gates too. We always look to build the best-looking gates, and the ones that bring security to you, your business, and your family.

It does not matter the size of the opening, we can build large and small gates, and we specialize in finding the right security features for your gate. If you have an existing fence and want to remove some to add a gate, we can help you with that too. Give us a call today to talk through your options.

Our Fencing Process

With decades of fencing experience, we have developed a fencing process that brings client satisfaction from the moment you call us to the last board being installed. 

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5 Reasons To Choose Fencing Huntington Beach

We Are The #1 Choice For Fencing In Huntington Beach, CA
We have been a fence company for years, and there is nothing that can replace experience. With expert fencers, professional knowledge, and the best tools and methods, you can have confidence that we actually know what we are doing. We have years of customer testimonials that show we get the job done. When you hire a company, you take a risk. Negate that risk by hiring us.
All fencing companies claim to have the best prices, but we believe that we are the fence company that gives you the best bang for your buck. For what we give you, you will be hard-pressed to find anyone who does a professional job cheaper. We are not a cowboy company with cowboy prices. We care about you, your fence, and a job well done. Our prices are competitive and well worth it.
When we work with you on a project, we strive to give you what you want. We will recommend what we think is best, but you will ultimately have the final say on the materials and construction. What we will not do is try to upsell your materials or extras that you do not need. We want you to follow your dreams, and we will help you to get there.
We are not done when the fence has been installed. We know that there are things that can go wrong, both within and outwith our control. If we have made a mistake, we will come and fix it. If something goes wrong with your fence, we are always on call to come and repair it. If you change your mind about something, want to add a gate, or anything else, give us a call.
We have been in the fencing business for so long that we have seen almost everything. When it comes to a beautiful fence for your property, we can create an individual fence that will only improve how your property looks. We can make any space look more beautiful with one of our beautiful and customizable fences. Give us a call to find out what we can do for you.

Areas We Serve

We service the neighborhoods of Adams, Yorktown, Garfield, Oak View, Newland, Wintersburg, Goldenwest, Sunset Beach, Bolsa, Chica, Washington and any other area in Huntington Beach.

If you would like to inquire if we service your area, please call (714) 276-6709

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